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"Remember When" bracelet (silver plated)

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Choose stones from Dates you want to remember and we will pick the month that matches the stone! Pictured above is ( Aquamarine, Garnet, Pearl ) Example ( garnet/ January) ( pearl/ June) ( aquamarine/ March) choose dates that mean something to you! Times you wish to remember! Your first date, your child's birthday, anniversaries! Can also be a birthstone bracelet! Every time you look at your bracelet you will have wonderful times to remember! $35 Choose up to 3 gemstones per bracelet! message us with any questions! Silver plated bracelet, chain with lobster clasp closure! Can be for any size wrist requested, please leave size and stones you wish to have in comments.
January- Garnet
February- Amethyst
March- Aquamarine
April- Herkimer Diamond
May- Emerald
June- Pearl/Moonstone
July- Ruby corundum
August- Peridot
September- Lapis Lazuli
October- Opal/Pink Tourmailne
November- Citrine
December- Tanzanite/ Turquoise