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Customize your own bangle!

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Choose from any gemstone pictured to make a unique one of a kind piece of jewelry! Silver plated or brass classic bangle. Sparkly pyrite will surround the gemstones! Choose up to two gemstones! Top row left to right/ freshwater pearl , pink tourmaline, Vietnamese aquamarine, orange kyanite, peridot, tanzine aura Quartz, citrine point. Second row/ pink sapphire, Vietnamese aquamarine, neon blue apatite, amethyst, rainbow moonstone, green tourmaline, amethyst point. Third row/ imperial topaz, neon blue apatite, ruby, watermelon tourmaline, Opal, watermelon tourmaline, blue apatite. Fourth row/ king man blue turquoise, Sonora blue turquoise, aquamarine, amethyst (tumbled), amazonite, purple jade cabochon, ruby. Fifth row/ herkimer diamond, chrysolla, purple jade cabochon (dark purple long) rhodonite point, garnet, neon blue apatite, neon blue apatite, bottom emerald. If two stones are chosen the size may be smaller to fit both on the bangle. We will always choose the best gemstone we have to make your piece gorgeous and special!