About us

Welcome to Edward & Ashley Jewelry

We work hard to hand craft unique gemstone jewelry that will not only reflect the true beauty of the stone, but also to be as affordable as possible.

My wife and I have worked our whole lives to bring natural untreated gemstones into every odors lives. We feel that everyone should have the ability to own a piece of jewelry that holds a significance to their lives, wether it is a reminder of a loved one or an important date.

We have spent years trying to provide resonably priced items to our customer, and having to work with just my wife and I we have spent years developing relationships with foreign and local mines that provide us with the high quality stones that you see on our pieces.

Each item you see within our catalog is hand made, each item takes a significant amount of time to make, and we understand that the wait is long, but it is always worth it. We appreciate your interests and support.

We are located in Upstate New York, and work in a small family run shop.